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Aadi is the month of rest in the Tamil calendar. In a culture that is so intertwined with agriculture, the month where you let the land to rest and breathe is the time for people to indulge in other activities in their social lives. Aadi is the time of the year when people take their mind of work, productivity and pamper themselves with new clothes and household items.

Aadi is also the time of the year when you reflect at the year that has gone by so far and to plan ahead for the rest of the year. Exploiting the cultural phenomenon, which may not be so relevant in the modern day with people working in multi-national corporate organizations, many large retailers over the past decade have introduced discounts ranging from 7% – 70%. This has made people to wait for the Aadi sale every year!

Maya Appliances, the parent company of Vidiem, is based in Chennai, the capital of the international Tamil civilization. This year, Vidiem has decided to celebrate Aadi, the best way possible. One thing that has always been consistent with Vidiem is that, they are always at the forefront of cutting edge technology in kitchen appliances.

This Aadi, Vidiem has introduced amazing offers across its entire range of products including, weightless wet grinders, cook tops, gas stoves, and various pressure cookers. As Aadi is a time for restructuring your life, you can use this opportunity to renovate your kitchen with appliances made with cutting-edge technology. Vidiem is also introducing new path-breaking products with new auto-ignition cooktops in its Vidiem Air Series. This is the right time to light up your life and breathe more elegance into your kitchen.

Auspicious Celebrations Begin With Cutting-Edge Technology!

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