Vidiem Blog_25th August-01

Vidiem Blog_25th August-01

No Onam is ever perfect without an exemplary Onam Sadhya. It is the perfect meal at the center of every Onam celebration. The complete meal on ideal occasions contain about 25-30 dishes. On much grander meals there are about 60 dishes. It is authentically vegetarian using only the freshest produce available. After all, Onam is Kerala’s harvest festival.

These days, there are Keralites all across the world and they all do celebrate Onam wherever they are. In India, there are several authentic Keralite restaurants in all major cities which serve Onam Sadhya as part of their menu during Onam season. An affordable Onam Sadhya in a city like Chennai would set you back about Rs. 500 per meal.

However, Onam is best celebrated at home with your family with delicious home cooked food to be memorable. Handpicked ingredients, with your own choice of dishes to populate your Sadhya, and members of your family gathering around to enjoy the meal together is what gives true meaning to celebrating Onam.

Vidiem, has announced amazing onam offers to rejuvenate your kitchen and make it capable for cooking the perfect Onam Sadhya. Vidiem’s cooktops, built in hobs, pressure cookers and wet grinders use state of the art technology and cutting edge design to make your cooking experience unique and enjoyable. Visit Vidiem’s site today or buy authentic Vidiem products from several eCommerce sites.

The perfect Onam Sadhya with Vidiem

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