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India is a land of many cultures and traditions and each has its dominant influence in its many diverse regions. For people of Kerala, Onam is their harvest festival. There are lots of lore and mythology associated with Onam. But, on a whole Onam is a time for reunion and spend time with your family.

Some of the major rituals associated onam are Flower Kollam, Onam Sadhya, Boat Races and folk dance. Vidiem has always focused on designing its products to suit our customers and make their cooking experience better. People at vidiem draw inspiration from our customers and their feedback about our products. While creating kitchen appliances with cutting edge technology, we have customized those products to suit our customers and their diverse cooking habits.

As discussed on the previous blog entry, Onam Sadhya is the feast at the very center of every household celebrating Onam. It has a huge variety of dishes ranging from 24 to up until 65 in numbers. Most of these traditional dishes are made using traditional techniques passed down through the generations. The challenge Vidiem faced was in creating gas cooktops, hobs, wet grinders and pressure cookers that would be ideal for cooking such traditional meals.

With extensive feedback we received over the years, we were able to fine tune our products to take the pressures associated with Indian cooking. We have perfected our products with variety, range and versatility to suit all your needs. Our process to improve the overall cooking experience of our customers is constant and will continue to infuse traditional intricacies with cutting edge technology.

Infusion of Traditional Intricacies in Cutting Edge Technology

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