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Wet grinders form an integral part in the kitchens of most South Indian homes. Our staple breakfast dishes like Dosa, Idly, Appam, Adai, Oothapam and many more are made from batter made by using wet grinders. Most of the dishes mentioned above also form the dinner menu of most South Indians. This has made wet grinders an absolute necessity in our kitchens.

There have always been wet grinders in South India, even during ancient times. Probably ever since man started cooking food and started using stone tools. The Stone tools of ancient times kept changing to become more highly efficient with the changing technology. Wet grinders become lighter, easier to use and sometime event attractive elements of home’s kitchen.

With the advent usage of electricity in Kitchen appliances, Wet grinder evolution was catalyzed. This is when wet grinders were manufactured on an industrial scale. More elements were used in manufacturing like stainless steel, electric motors that were belt operated and much more. At first however, wet grinders were quite heavy and big, which was impractical for household use.

Then came the next generation of wet grinders – Table Top grinders, they were much faster, lighter and smaller making it much easier to use for everyone. It was also the right size for home kitchens. Vidiem, like always, has pushed the evolution even further by improving efficiency and amazing design.

Videim table top grinders’ design is inspired from racecars make it trendy and stylish. Videm has cast away all the traditional materials in manufacturing and revolutionized wet grinders all together! Videm table top grinders have also left the belt run motors behind and have replaced it with gear run motors. This had added immense power to save time and electricity.

What Makes Vidiem Wet Grinders Better?

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