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Vidiem Blog_25th Nov-01

People tend to consume less water during winter as they don’t feel as thirsty as the summer days. The human body requires almost the same amount of water and fluids to keep itself hydrated at any time of the year. Consuming lesser fluids than required could lead to dehydration.

Instead of just consuming water in excess, you could always switch to fruit juices to keep yourself hydrated and healthy. Fresh juices provide the right nutrients for the body while keeping you hydrated.

You can lose weight, improve your skin’s shine and lead an active lifestyle if you consume fresh fruit juices regularly.

Here are few fresh juice recipes that could help you stay hydrated and healthy this winter.

Pear-Apple- Cranberry Juice


 1 large apple, rinsed and halved

 1 large pear, rinsed and halved

 ¼ cup fresh cranberries, rinsed


1. Turn juicer to high and process apple, pear and cranberries.

2. Stir well and serve.

Hot Lemon Twist


 1 Lemon

 ½ teaspoon cardamom


Hot water lime juice spiced and flavoured with cardamom

Simple Carrot-Orange Juice


 6 medium or 4 large carrots, rinsed

 2 oranges, halved and juiced into a glass using a reamer


1. Turn juicer to high and process carrots.

2. Add carrot juice to orange juice, stir well and serve.

Vidiem brings to you its latest range of mixers to help you enjoy your fresh juices at home this winter. Vidiem products are made with state of the art technology that improves efficiency and also helps retain the nutrition of your juices. Choose Vidiem now and go healthy!

Fruit Juices to Keep you Fresh this Winter

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