Vidiem Blog_8th Dec -02

Vidiem Blog_8th Dec -02

Though they are used every day in the modern kitchen, pressure cookers are highly underestimated and not given enough credit. Though created nearly around four centuries back, there is not a kitchen today that doesn’t occupy a pressure cooker.

Here are 5 unknown facts about your pressure cooker

 The ability to retain proteins and vitamins:

When cooking through vessels other than pressure cookers, more than 56% of the essential nutrients are lost. It has been proven by researchers that cooking through pressure cookers helps in retaining most of the proteins, nutrients and vitamins of the dish that is cooked.

 Excess moisture content:

Cooking through pressure cookers is based on the water levels in the dish and the amount of pressure that is given. Whether it be meat, rice, or beans, cooking them through a pressure cooker, prevents the complete drying of the dish and instead adds moisture to it. This not only prevents your food from spoiling easily, but also gives it a longer edible period.

 Good for digestion:

The water that is produced whilst cooking through a pressure cooker contains the broken down elements of all the different spices and ingredients. This makes digestion easy and digestion takes place faster and is very healthy compared to normal cooking.

 The handle of a pressure cooker CANNOT melt:

Though it is highly disregarded, many people are not aware that the pressure cookers handle cannot melt that easily. Unless left directly on the flame for about 2 hours, the thermoset material that is used to make the handle, prevents it from melting. The thermoset has a very high boiling point and is ideal for cooking appliances.

 Can be used to cook ANYTHING:

All sorts of dishes can be ideally cooked with just a pressure cooker. From soups, rice and grains to desserts, all can be easily made. The only requirement that is needed, is the knowledge of the amount of water to be used. Excess or lack of water can change the dish entirely and it won’t come out the way you expected it to be. Vidiem’s pressure cookers are light in weight and are reliable to cook all the dishes you require. Choose Vidiem and choose the ideal method of cooking with ease.

5 Interesting Facts About Your Pressure Cooker

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