Vidiem Blog_17th Nov-01

Vidiem Blog_17th Nov-01

It’s that time again.

For food lovers who spend every other moment thinking about, cooking, researching or discussing food, this can be even more complicated.

The key to long-term changes lies in changing lifestyle rather than merely diet. On that note, here are four easy tips for resolutions from a stubborn food lover and cook.

1. Schedule Regular Visits to Farmer’s Markets and Local Vendors

You claim to love your local farmer’s markets, but in reality, you only visit once a month. To make a change, mark the greenmarket, CSA and specialty vendor days on your calendar, and visit regularly.

At your local food vendors and farmers’ markets, you’ll find that being healthy is easier there than at the grocery store. You’ll find what’s in season at your fruit and vegetable stands, the best cuts of meat from your local butcher, the catch of the day from your fish vendor, the harvested honey from your beekeeper, and the diverse mushrooms from your local forager.

2. Make Meat the Side Dish

Meat provides good nutrients, sure, but it also provides a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol. Try an adapted southern method of using quite a small amount of ham hock to flavor some greens, or the Korean method of making the saturated fat the small side dish and the fresh, green, lightly-blanched salads the centerpieces.

3. Make Eating Quality Time

Put down that Snapchatting phone. Many food lovers eat alone and post their beautiful dishes online, but in the new year, think about spending more time talking to friends or savoring your food, not Instagramming it.

4. If You’re a Restaurant Junkie, Start Cooking

If you’re a food lover who goes to restaurants seven days a week, it’s time to link your love of exploring eating in restaurants with the promise you’ll carry some these tastes home to your own kitchen. You’ll cut your sodium intake by leagues since restaurant food is very salty.

4 Easy New Year’s Resolutions for Food Lovers

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