Vidiem Blog_4th Nov

Vidiem Blog_4th Nov

Are you a casual or a compulsive cleaner when it comes to your glass cook-top?

Although it’s good to take a relaxed approach in many areas of life – after all, stressing over little things only increases your blood pressure – it’s probably better to be more proactive when it comes to taking care of this essential food preparation tool.

There are several different types of cooktops/stoves:

  • Gas cooktops feature several burners and a metal grid sitting on top of a metal or ceramic surface. This is the only type of stove that has visible flame.
  • Electric coil cooktops have coil that turns read as it is being heated. Underneath the coil there’s usually a drip pan.
  • Electric smooth-tops (aka glass-tops) have a ceramic glass surface with a heating element underneath and out of sight. Just like the name suggests, these stoves have a smooth top that can double as extra counter space when not in use.
  • Induction smooth-tops are similar to electric ones when it comes to the appearance, but have a different heating element that engages with the cookware only, leaving the rest of the top much cooler

First, clean as the mess happens. When dinner is over and the dishes are done, the last thing you want to do is tackle the spaghetti sauce or the turkey gravy that spilled out onto the stove while you were preparing your meal. But a few minutes now will spare you from spending a lot more time on cleanup in the long run.

Wait until the cooktop is cool before you tackle those spills, but don’t let sticky substances harden, because they’ll be more difficult to remove. If you (or someone else) uses the stove before it’s cleaned, the residue will get burned on and may even cause pitting.

Second, be sure you’re using the right cleaners and the right cleaning tools. A product that would leave your gas cooktop in pristine condition might damage a glass cooktop, and vice versa.

To be on the safe side, read the manufacturer’s manual for instructions on how to clean your glass cooktop. (If you don’t have the manual, you can search for it online; many major appliance makers have them available on their websites). The color of the glass cooktop you have (white or black) will also dictate to some extent which cleaners are best to use.

How to Keep Your Glass Cooktop Looking Its Best

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