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Which is your favourite summer quencher?

India is known for its spices, herbs, veggies and fruits. Each region in India is known for their own specialty drink respectively. These Indian drinks are full of flavour and irresistible.  

Here’s a list of few summer drinks to keep you cool this season.

Nimbu Paani – One of the most common drink in India. You can add flavour to it by adding mint juice, roasted cumin powder and black salt. It generally goes by the name of Nimbu Paani or Shikanji.

Sweet Lassi – Made from yogurt and very popular in North India. You can make it salty or sweet. You can add cardamom powder, rose water and saffron. Various fruit flavours can be added.

Falooda – A popular north Indian summer drink. Layered summer dessert beverage made with milk, rose syrup, sabja seeds, falooda sev, dry fruits and ice cream.

Thandai – The word “thandai” is derived from the hindi language meaning ‘cool’. Thandai is a traditional and popular drink up north. It is made from a mix dry fruits, seeds and a few spices.

Buttermilk or Chaas – This popular drink is made using yogurt and flavoured with mint, ginger, cumin powder or curry leaves and garnished with herbs and spices.

Aam Ka Panna – It is made from raw mangoes which are rich in Vitamin C and iron. It helps in preventing heat strokes and keep the body cool.

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Summer Drinks For The Indian Soul

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