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Simple maintenance and cleaning procedures can greatly extend the life and efficiency of your refrigerator. Keep your refrigerator running like new by performing these quick tasks –


  1. Keep a check on door seals.

When the seal of the door is loose, it lets cool air escape hence wasting energy and making your fridge work more than it requires. It should also be made sure that the seals do not have any food residue stuck to it. To do so, they must be cleaned at least two times a year with a toothbrush and a mix of baking soda and water.

  1. Keep the coils clean.

The refrigerator fails to work its best when the condenser coils on it are covered with dust. At least twice a year, unplug your refrigerator and vacuum or dust the coils to keep your fridge running efficiently.

  1. Do not leave your fridge too empty all the time.

You might think that the less food you have in your fridge the more efficiently it will run, but this is actually not the case. Your refrigerator will run more efficiently when more food and drinks are stored in it. Refrigerators require ‘thermal mass’ in other words, a lot of stuff to maintain low temperatures. Cool foods and drinks assist by absorbing warm air that steams in when the door is opened. If your fridge is considerably empty, store in a couple of water jars to keep it running well.

  1. Be prepared.

Avoid opening to fridge too many times when the power goes out. When a refrigerator is left unopened, it has the ability to keep the food safe for about four hours. Even a freezer has the ability to keep food fresh for almost two days when full and about one day when half filled.


Cover food to prevent odors from migrating throughout the fridge and freezer.

– Keep the stink out by putting an open container of baking soda in the fridge. Be sure to replace it every three months.

– Weekly, use a cloth dampened by warm water to wipe down and remove crumbs and spills from shelves and walls.

– Monthly refrigerator maintenance should include checking the interior temperature to assure it is maintaining the temperature needed to operate at peak efficiency.


Give your refrigerator a long & healthy life

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