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In the recent times, the phenomenal change in science & technology has completely transformed the lives of kids; right from their habits to their overall behaviors. This wide transformation has considerably changed ones childhood, in innumerous ways, too. By simply comparing the life of a typical 90’s kid to one from present times, we would know of the visible contrast amongst the two.

  • While the 90’s kids were obsessed with playing outside all evening and had to be forcibly called back home during dinner, the kids these days need to be constantly pushed to do some outdoor activities.
  • While there was a sort of carefree feeling amongst the kids in the 90’s, the kids in the present times are suffering from information overload because of which there is restlessness in them to always be up to date with everything around them.
  • While the kids in the 90’s learned things the hard way, whether it was finding meanings of words in dictionaries or learning from reference books, the kids of today have one answer to all of their questions – ‘Google’.

These pointers only show the contrast between the two generations at a glance. But, in fact every fraction of a kid’s life has evolved. Even the simple food habits of kids which is actually a large factor of their overall being. What food meant in the 90’s and what it means now is almost in complete contrast to each other. While food exclusively translated to ‘healthy’ then, it loosely means a lot of other things now. The basic need of eating food that is healthy to keep us going physically and mentally strong has changed meaning with time.

Back in the 90’s, snacks break at school was one of the most anticipated moments of the day as a kid. Remember the delight of successfully attending 3 classes and finally getting to open your Tiffin box? Even after knowing that you probably have the usual bread butter jam, the happiness was immeasurable. During the 90’s, even the most mundane snacks and lunches were eaten without a fuss. But presently, being spoilt with choice, kids have eventually become very choosy. They look out for different meals every other day and do not bother even touching their boxes if they do not like what’s in it. The kids these days would rather starve than eat what’s made for them with so much difficulty. Their favorite meal options of kids now include – chips, cupcakes, wafers, etc in contrast to homemade snacks in the 90’s.

It would be true to say that the 90’s kids were the last era that genuinely understood the meaning of real hard work, along with a fun, balanced, healthy and disciplined lifestyle. In the 90’s, people still valued morals, money, friendship, relations and effort.  The little things meant a lot back then.

Everything said and done, we do not say that the advancements in science and technology are a boon. It is definitely a bane to those who make the right use of it. There are two sides of the same coin, always, isn’t it?


Growing up then Vs. Now

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