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The kitchen is the heart and center of the home, but it gets dirty fast. If neglected,
aside from basic washing up and wiping down, the kitchen can get out of hand
very quickly. Kitchen cleaning can be a dreadful and disastrous experience for
most of us, but with these simple kitchen cleaning tips, cleaning your kitchen will
be a walk in the park.

Follow these kitchen cleaning tips to make your kitchen sparkling and shiny.

1. Always start with an empty dishwasher and an empty sink. Make sure your
dishwasher and your sink are empty before you start cooking; this way, you can
rinse and load messy tools and dishes right away.

2. Use paper towels to clean up spills, especially juices from raw meat, poultry and
fish. Immediately dispose of the paper towels.

3. Difficult dark black stains from the stove top and kitchen platform can be
removed by spraying some oven cleaner, leaving it for 10 mins and gently
scrubbing them and wiping with clean cloth.

4. You can also spread baking soda on stove top. Allow to remain for some 10 to 15
minutes and rub it well. Hard stains can be taken off easily.

5. Add a small piece of lemon and ½ cup of water to remove dirt stains in cooker
bottom or vessels. Heat for few minutes and wash immediately.

6. Put a piece of lemon through your garbage disposal every day for a clean fresh

7. The cutting boards should be cleaned thoroughly with hot soapy water and rinsed
with clean water after each use.

8. Clean your refrigerator once a week and throw out the food items that are stored
for longer period and could not be eaten.

9. Clean up your pantry once a month by removing all the spoiled and expired food

10. Remove coffee stains from china cups by scrubbing them with equal parts of
vinegar and salt.

11. Try to end each day with a clean, empty kitchen sink.

12. A sponge is actually a great way to spread germs. Instead use paper towels,
which could be discarded after cleaning each surface.

13. Sprinkle few drops of liquid soap into a blender, fill halfway with warm water,
cover and blend away the mess.

Following these simple everyday tips will take your kitchen experience a long way.

Keeping it clean – Kitchen tips

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