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Comfort is not the only reason as to why it’s important to keep yourself cool and hydrated
during summers. Dangerously high temperatures can, during the worst of cases, lead to heat-
related illnesses like heat cramps or strokes. The following are some tips that you can follow to
keep yourself cool all summer long.

1. Ice packs or cold compress may be used to pulse points at wrists, neck, ankles, elbows,
behind the knees, etc to chill out super-fast.
2. Make use of lightweight and light-colored bed linens and cushion covers. They are
breathable and are perfect to promote airflow and ventilation in rooms.
3. On hot sunny days, hang out wet sheets in front of an open window. The breeze that
blows in will cool down and help reduce the room temperature.
4. Make use of natural lights as much as you can. Artificial lights and lamps only add on to
the heat in the rooms.
5. Have lots of water throughout the day. Also, before sleeping make sure you have
enough water so you do not end up tossing and turning or sweating in the middle of the
6. You can place your lotions and creams in the refrigerator so every time you use them
you feel refreshed.
7. Make use of a spray bottle refrigerated, filled with water to quickly fresh yourself up
after a hot sunny day.
8. Foods and drinks that get you dehydrated needs to be avoided during summers.
Example – Coffee, alcohol etc.
9. Consider undertaking any strenuous or physically straining activities, like jogging or
exercising during the coolest part of the day; like the mornings.

Stay cool this summer

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