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Staying safe in the kitchen isn’t hard, but it does involve a few pieces of necessary
equipment and some smart safety practices, too. Here’s what to do to keep you
and your family safe in the kitchen:
1. The first, most important thing to remember is to pay better attention. Do not leave any cooking unattended. Even if you do leave the kitchen while something is cooking, make sure to set a timer. This will ensure that you remember to check in frequent intervals.

2. Always keep the stove clear. Do not rest anything on the stove top.

3. Do not postpone cleaning spills on floors to avoid any accidents due to slipping. Always clean spills immediately.

4. When you are using various cookwares on the stove, be aware of what is placed where. The handles hovering over another burner might get heated up and burn your hand when you touch it.

5. If there are children around at home, make sure you child lock all the necessary equipments and supplies.

6. Fire safety is a must. As a rule, prevention is always better than cure. Hence, make sure you always have a fire extinguisher handy. Also make sure you know what kind of fire can be put off with what kind of substance.

7. While fire safety is important, do not ignore electrical safety. Ensure that all the electrical appliances are working well and have no exposed wires. Also do not stick your hand into any electrical appliance like mixer or blender while it is still plugged in.

8. Never lose attention while using knives and sharp objects. Always cut away from yourself and others. Also ensure maximum safety while cleaning knives. Instead of using your hand, try dipping sharp instruments in soap and water.

9. Avoid cuts and hurt while opening tin cans or any containers that are hard to open. Ask for help if required.

10. Make sure to use stools or sturdy chairs while reaching out to high cabinets and cupboards to ensure you don’t trip, fall or hurt yourself.

Kitchen Safety Check List

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