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FAQs– General

At Vidiem, we pride ourselves on our:
– Ethical business practices
– Ability to generate gainful employment
– Rock solid quality of our products
– Capacity to deliver cutting edge innovation
– Ability to continually reinvent ourselves to keep up with changing consumer needs and a dynamic market place

a. Vidiem’s continuous commitment to quality and innovation

b. Strength in our market driven R&D processes

c. Vidiem’s deep understanding of evolving consumer needs

d. Our dealer network commitment and distribution policies

e. Our standards in marketing practices and policies

f. Strong after-sales service and support to dealers and consumers

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Products – Gas Stoves

If the burner flame on top of the oven appears to be less impressive than normal, the problem could be clogged burner flame openings. Low-quality flames could also be caused by too little gas or too little air getting to the burner. Adjust the air shutter to see if the problem is air. But if you suspect the problem is not enough gas, call for professional help.

All our appliances are carefully checked for leak-tightness. There may be a leak at the appliance's gas connection. If the appliance is connected to a gas cylinder, check the connection to the gas cylinder. If no gas cylinder is being used or the gas cylinder is already tightly connected, shut off the gas supply to the appliance and ventilate the room. Call in an expert as soon as possible to check the gas installation. Please do not use the appliance until installation has been checked and reapproved for use.

The burner cap could have moved out of place or the burner parts could be wet or dirty. Ensure the burner cap is correctly seated and that the burner parts are dry. Also ensure burner parts are clean. Please do not use any sharp, pointed metal tools for cleaning purposes

This could be due to 2 reasons.

1. The Pan’s position
Check if the pan is positioned centrally over the burner. Also, check if the pan base is flat.

2. Tolerances of the pan support
Small deviations in the "fingers" of the pan support are unavoidable and do not constitute a fault. Slight warping of the metal, either due to the enameling process or the high temperature differences experienced during use, is a characteristic of the material or cannot be avoided.

It is possible that the Enamel has come off the ends owing to the high heat from the flames. This is unavoidable after the gas stove has been in use for a while. Replacement supports can be purchased from Authorized Service Centres.
Another possibility is bright spots on Pan Support. Using a dishwasher to clean the burner parts can leave cleaning agent residue deposits on the surface. Instead, it is better to carefully clean the burner parts with soapy water and a sponge (without a scouring pad). Check in the instruction manual whether cleaning your pan support in a dishwasher is permitted. This may also be caused by abrasion from pan bases. Please check your pans. Clean carefully with soapy water and a sponge (without a scouring pad).

A noisy flame on a gas stove means either too much air or too much gas is getting to the burner. Adjust the air shutter to see if air is the problem. Call for professional support to determine how much gas is being released.

Unless you want a grease fire, always wipe down and clean the cooking surface. Regular cleaning of the burners helps ensure more efficiency, using less gas on a lower flame.

A very common gas stove problem is a surface burner that won't light and needs constant relighting. This could be caused by the pilot light having been extinguished or the burner portholes getting clogged. If your gas stove is equipped with an Auto igniter, check the battery.

If the flame of the burner continually goes out, clean out the pilot light opening. If that doesn't work, try adjusting the flame of the pilot light itself.

The performance is based on the pressure between the roller and the surface, and not depended on the weight. Tighten spring will generate the pressure between the rollers and the surface can give the better performance like dry grinding flour mills.

1 Kg of Rice and 200 Grm of Dall under soaked condition separately.

It is not advised to grind the rice and dall together. If you want to grind together the quantity should be 750 grm only under soaked condition.

Excess quantity of ingredients may be added or add sufficient water to the ingredients for free operation.

TOP may have tripped. Switch off the grinder and allow the motor to cool, reduce the load and then switch on the grinder. Operate in 230 V, AC 50 HZ and avoid grinding during low Voltage.

Grinder air ventilation might be blocked, clear the air Vent & do not operate low voltage.

The grinder might be placed in uneven surface. Place the grinder on an even surface.

Check the power supply and insert the power chord properly in the socket.

Ensure the soaking time of ingredients as per the instruction; do not add the excess quantity. Or ensure the wipers are fixed in correct position and tighten the spring which gives sufficient pressure on rollers for fast grinding.