Energie 3 Litres

energize your kitchen
Model No : PC A3 202 A

Capacity : 3Litres

Warranty : 2 Years

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energize your kitchen

Vidiem Pressure Cooker's stunning contemporary design and user friendly features are the outcome of diligent research and extensive consumer feedback. The result is a product that makes your everyday cooking fast, convenient, free of intervention and a lot of fun.

Lid : Aluminium
Vent Tube : Stainless Steel
Vent Nut : Aluminium
Pressure Regulator : Stainless Steel
Handle : Backlite
Screw : Stainless Steel
Gasket : Nitrile Rubber
Bottom Pan : Aluminium
Safety Valve : Aluminium

*In pursuance with our policy of continues product improvement, specification are subject to change without notice.