Relish in the Rain

When the sweltering sticky summer days turn into the monsoon, we all eagerly wait for the pleasant weather, and the rhythmic sound of the calming rain. The monsoon rains not only bring cool winds, and water but also a heightened taste of food! Here we will talk about the most looked forward rain and food combinations, a true delight.


Masala Chai

Sitting by the window, while the rain patters down the window, with a hot cup of chai and a good book. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Drinking tea may be a daily routine but on a rainy day, tea calls for aromatic modifications. Masala Chai is an extremely popular beverage during monsoon. And if untimely rain spreads its wings, then you too can treat yourself to a bundle of goodness and taste in the form of Masala Chai.


FUN FACT: Chai is lower in caffeine than coffee!



Who said soup is just something you should drink only if you’re down with flu or something? No way! Because when it’s pouring outside and you want to sip something hot and spicy, offering nutrition and taste, look no further. Help yourself to a bowl of your favorite flavored soup and enjoy the beauty of the rain. Add chopped veggies, minced meat, and a dab of cheese to your soup to make it ‘heavy’.


FUN FACT: The word soup is of Sanskrit Origin! It is derived from “su” and “po” which means good nutrition!


“Bhutta” Corn

Everyone that has gone for drives in the rain, ahs seen the old “paati’s” making Bhutta. Roasted Bhutta is symbolic of rain and vice versa. The roasted version laced with lime and masala is a must eat on a rainy day. There’s also the boiled version with butter, salt, and other seasonings. But it must be accepted that the roadside Bhutta roasted in a make-do coal oven wins every single time. Besides being utterly delightful, corn is also highly nutritious, and helps in weight loss.


FUN FACT: Corn helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels



These oily deep fried items literally invite you to have a bite. The aroma, the taste, and the deadly combination with green mint chutney are simply irresistible on a rainy day. You can either prepare Pakodas at home or you can go out and buy some for yourself. They go perfectly with both hot and cold drinks.


FUN FACT: The first historical record of the “fritter” dates back to 1665!



Oh, the sinful, mouth-watering, tempting samosas. How can anyone resist this Indian snack? And if it’s a rainy day, it is an icing on the cake indeed. Whether you make it at home or get it from the nearest vendor, samosas are the classic rainy day snacks. You won’t be able to eat just one though. Make sure you eat it with your favourite chutney.


FUN FACT: It was originally named samsa, after the pyramids in Central Asia, from where it originated.


Channa Chaat

Spicy Chaat on a rainy day makes the idea of having your favourite Chaat even more toothsome. If you do not want to go out and get soaked in the rain, buck up and make your own version of Channa Chaat and watch your friends and family lick the plate clean.


FUN FACT: “Channa” was first cultivated in the Middle East in 7500BC!


Hot Jalebis

We couldn’t have done this list without a sweet-dish! And by a quick dipstick at work – the one dish that won hands down was Jalebi. Hot off the wok, dripping goodness!


FUN FACT: It is scientifically proven that Jalebis dunked in milk is a sure shot remedy for curing migraines.


Have a great Monsoon with these delightful Rain and Food Combos, using our very own Vidiem Products to create

Relish in the Rain

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