Monsoon Kitchen Hacks


The tropical climate of our country allows us to enjoy the amazing season of Monsoon!

Monsoon season brings in rains, a giant relief to the sweltering heat that encompasses us for the previous couple of months. While everyone welcomes the rain, our kitchen needs a little help to get through those months of sticky weather, humidity, and insects! Here are a couple of kitchen hacks to keep your kitchen and its appliances in a healthy condition throughout the monsoon season.



Clean your Mixer Grinder in 30 seconds!

Here’s how to thoroughly clean your mixer grinder, to sparkly clean and bring that shine again!
– Fill your jars halfway with warm water
– Add a few drops of mild cleaning agent
– Run the mixer on speed 1 for 30 seconds
-Rinse, dry and always store jars in inverted position


Prevent your salt and sugar from getting damp

-Add few grains of rice to the bottom of the jar
– Store in glass container
– The raw rice absorbs the moisture and keeps the salt and sugar from clumping and sticking together


Getting rid of ants the easy way

-Hang two to three onion bulbs near the tube lights, and place them by the crevices
– This is a great way to keep the pesky ants out of your kitchens and food!


Protect your pulses from insects

Take the container with the pulses
-Add a few drops of castor oil to the container
– This helps to keep away the insects



These few hacks will helps keep your food and your kitchen appliances safe during the monsoon season!

Monsoon Kitchen Hacks

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