Christmas Recipes

Christmas Recipes



December is well known for Christmas, celebrated all over the world. The Spirit of Christmas starts well before Christmas, leading up till Christmas Day.  While the best part of Christmas might be gifts or decorations, the food is our personal favorite! Christmas food, especially in India ranges from salads, to pasta to the delicious ever-loved biryani! Of course, it’s not complete without baked goodies – cookies, cakes, brownies and more! We have collected 10 must-haves on your Christmas Table!


Hot Chocolate


What are the cold comfortable days up until Christmas, without a warm cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows? Full recipe at:


Buttermilk Pancakes



Christmas morning must have these delicious pancakes on your table. Follow this east recipe for a delicious Christmas breakfast! Full recipe at:




Don’t want to have a cheat day even on Christmas? We have the perfectly healthy dish for you! Indian style of course! Add health and deliciousness to your Christmas table with this perfect Indian styled salad, served best with poppadams! Full recipe at:




This dish is a huge favorite amongst everyone and our gluten free recipe will keep you enjoying deliciousness and health in one spoonful, or should we say fork-ful? Full recipe at:


Spiced Paneer

Main course is only good when spicy! Our spiced paneer recipe is the perfect addition to your Christmas Tables, especially along with the biryani! Full recipe at:


Chicken Mughlai Biryani

Christmas time is biryani time! This Mughlai Biryani recipe is the perfect way to go about it! Full recipe at:



Gingerbread Cake

Christmas isn’t complete without delicious baked goodies! A favorite is the traditional Gingerbread Cake. Full recipe at:


Christmas Tree Brownie

Everyone loves brownies! Adding a touch of Christmas to them makes them all the more delightful! Recipe for Christmas Tree Brownies here:


 Pomegranate Mousse

You might think this is difficult to make, but this delicious and easy to make dish will definitely stun everyone! Find recipe at:


Red Velvet Cake

Christmas isn’t complete with this delightful creamy epitome to finish off your perfect meal! Full recipe at:


 Celebrate this season of giving with delicious recipes and Vidiem products at! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Recipes

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